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President / Imperial Netball Club

"Our Netball Club raffle could not have been any easier. Who does a fundraiser in their off season when the committee and players are not so active? Well we did and it was a huge success. The ease to track ticket sales, place links in all social media was great, the ticket is all virtual and set up easily and with guides. Payments can be received and process quickly. It's drawn automatically, the full funds were in within 24-48hours. Our treasurer & secretary loved RaffleLink! Belinda was awesome to help guide you through the process. Honestly we will use them again and highly recommend RaffleLink to all groups big or small trying to fundraise - especially those who have limited network support or those that don't want to have to do too much but still reap the rewards!"

Sports club raffles conducted online provide easy fundraising.

• Widen the reach of your fundraising (great for clubs in regional areas)
• Raise funds 24/7 with next to no volunteers
• Use for stand alone raffles or to boost fundraising at events (such as open days or awards nights)
• Built-in social media sharing to engage with more people
• Use the raffle to engage with new club supporters

What is a Multi-Team Raffle?

A big benefit for clubs is the opportunity to run a Multi-Raffle. Use RaffleLink to run a giant raffle across your code or region. Ticket buyers can attribute their purchase to a specific club and profit is divided accordingly. Of course a little friendly rivalry between clubs will help spur along ticket sales!

Stress Free & Hassle Free Sports Club RafflesFundraising Consultation - RaffleLink

“No” has never sound so good
• No need to pre-purchase, design and print raffle tickets
• No ticket distribution, ticket recovery and accountability woes
• No daily record keeping maintenance
• No money collection, counting, reconciliation, safe storage or banking

• Less time/volunteers required to organise & conduct your raffle
• 24/7 ticket sales monitoring
• 24/7 access for ticket purchasers
• Wider reaching promotion using social media
• Free marketing tools and artwork
• Receipt cash sales at events such as a open day or awards night
• Push button draw, winner notification & reporting


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