Overview of Service

RaffleLink provides a web-based raffle application that enables concurrent raffles to be hosted on the internet for the sole purpose of fundraising. RaffleLink provides this service, for a fee, to charitable organisations and non-profit organisations such as community clubs and school parents and citizens associations. RaffleLink shall act as agents for the Client, selling raffle tickets online on behalf of the Client.

Every Not-For-Profit Organisation utilising the RaffleLink Service has a Fundraising Agreement with RaffleLink authorising us to act as a third party organiser of their organisation’s raffle event and accept payment on their behalf.
RaffleLink will supply this service in accordance with the legislation enforced by the government controlling body of the state in which the raffle is to be held.

RaffleLink utilises Random Number Generating Software to randomly select the prize winners. This software has been independently reviewed and certified to meet Government requirements.

RaffleLink adhere’s to the Commercial Raffle Organiser’s Responsible Gambling & Code of Conduct.

Raffle ticket purchases external to Australia are not permitted.

During the registration process RaffleLink take reasonable steps to substantiate the Not-For-Profit status of the organisation.

RaffleLink accepts no liability whatsoever for the actions of our Clients on the Raffle Facility.

RaffleLink accepts no liability for ensuring that any Client Beneficiary applies the proceeds received from a raffle event in any particular way.

Introduction and acceptance of terms

As a Client of RaffleLink, your access and use of the RaffleLink Service constitutes your agreement with, and acceptance of the RaffleLink Terms & Conditions outline below.

These Terms and Conditions may change or be updated from time to time and it is your responsibility to ensure that you remain in agreement with the current terms posted on the RaffleLink Website.

RaffleLink Fees

RaffleLink has made known to the Client, its fees for service, before the signing of the Fundraising Agreement. Our service fee includes a Raffle Establishment Fee of $150 plus 6% of total gross ticket sales. Please add GST.

In signing the Fundraising Agreement, the officeholders of the association or club authorise payment of RaffleLink’s Fee for Service at the completion of the raffle from the bank account where raffle proceeds are held.

Client Login

As your Client Admin Panel will contain the personal details of the ticket buyers, you must keep your personal login information safe, private and secure at all times. Only the office holders who have signed the Fundraising Agreement should have knowledge of your client login details.

Indemnity for misuse of Client Login information

RaffleLink accepts no liability for acts carried out by any person using your client admin panel login information, and you indemnify RaffleLink from any costs, expenses or damages payable in connection with your breach of the Client Login requirements.

As the creator of your Organisation’s Raffle Page, you agree to not:-

  • infringe the intellectual property rights (including copyright) of any third party;
  • detrimentally affect the brand or reputation of RaffleLink or any affiliates or partners of RaffleLink;
  • be misleading or deceptive as to the nature, type, service or benefits of the Content;
  • contain information that is inaccurate, ambiguous, exaggerated, defamatory or untrue;
  • send junk email or spam to people who do not wish to receive email from You;
  • remove, alter, add to or change anything on the Raffle Page other than Your organisation’s logo, prize pictures and QR code.

RaffleLink reserves the right to remove or edit any content posted on the Raffle Page at its sole discretion, without notice and without liability if we deem the content to be inappropriate and or in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Client indemnifies RaffleLink from any costs, expenses, claims or damages paid or payable by RaffleLink in connection with a claim by any person that the Client infringes the Intellectual Property Rights of that person.

For the purposes of these Terms, “Intellectual Property Rights” means all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to:
patents, copyright, rights in circuit layouts, registered and unregistered designs, registered and unregistered trademarks, knowhow and the right to have confidential information kept confidential; and

The Client grants to RaffleLink a royalty free, worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable, licence to use, the Client’s details in terms of logo, and website as a promotional tool for RaffleLink.


For our standard service, RaffleLink is not responsible for the raffle prizes in ANY respect, such as procurement, storage, distribution. The Client must deal with any customer dissatisfaction regarding the prize(s) and/or the distribution of the prize(s). Where the Client has enlisted the services of RaffleLink to supply prizes, RaffleLink will deal with an customer enquiry/concerns directly.

The Client must ensure that they meet the requirements of Government legislation in their state with regard to what may be offered as a prize. RaffleLink takes no responsibility for the appropriateness of the prizes presented by our client, however we reserve the right to suspend the progress of the raffle if for some reason the content is questionable.

RaffleLink has made every effort to provide a reliable service for our Clients. However, in the unlikely event that our service is disrupted due to a computer virus, hosting or network failure, unauthorised intervention or circumstances beyond our control, which may lead to a loss in ticket sales, RaffleLink is indemnified by our Client and bears no liability.

While RaffleLink strives to make the Government information on our website as timely and accurate as possible, we make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of this site, and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the contents of this site. The onus is on our Client to research the Government Regulations as it applies to them specifically and take any necessary actions with regard to registrations or permits.

RaffleLink has taken measures to ensure a secure payment gateway and storage of personal information for ticket buyers. However, our Clients recognise that RaffleLink cannot be held responsible for hacking or malicious attack.

Refund Policy

Client – Termination

Either party may terminate the Fundraising Agreement before the commencement of the raffle event, but must do so by written notification.

In the event of the Client instigating the cancellation prior to the submission of the Fundraising Agreement, no cancellation fee will be charged. Once this agreement has been signed, the Raffle Establishment Fee of $150 +GST will be retained by RaffleLink as the cancellation fee.

Client – Limitations & Changes

Once the Fundraising Agreement has been submitted, changes to the raffle will be considered with written notification from the Client to RaffleLink.  Depending on the type & extent of the changes required, there may be a charge at the discretion of RaffleLink which will be advised at the time.

Ticket Buyers – Credit Card Payments

Purchases made through the Payment Platform by a ticket buyer utilising a credit card are final and not disputable. However, a ticket purchases who believes that they have a gambling problem or are overextended financially will be given an opportunity to amend or cancel their ticket purchase by contacting RaffleLink by email or on 0428 734 714.

Where there has been an unauthorised use of a buyer’s credit card, and the unauthorised nature of that use can be proven, then the payment will be refunded, unless it has already been credited to the relevant Client Organisation.

RaffleLink does not extend credit or loan money to customers to purchase raffle tickets.

RaffleLink makes no representations as to the compliance by our Clients with the laws applicable to the conduct of their raffle event. Ticket buyers must establish to their own satisfaction the propriety or otherwise of the raffle by contacting the relevant Client Organisation directly. Any disputes about raffles must be directed to the raffle Client Organisation.


A Client notifying RaffleLink under these Terms must;

  • do so in writing;
  • addressed to RaffleLink at the address shown on the official website www.rafflelink.com.au; and
  • left at or sent by prepaid post, facsimile or email to that address.

All correspondence will be deemed received:

  • on the date of delivery, if left at the recipient’s address;
  • five days after the date of posting if sent by prepaid post; and
  • if sent by facsimile, when the sender’s facsimile system generates a message confirming successful transmission of the total number of pages of the notice unless, within eight business hours after that transmission, the recipient informs the sender that it has not received the entire notice; and
  • if sent by email, on the day the email is sent (as long as the sender has not received a delivery failure message in relation to that email).