See Your Post Go Viral

Social media is a fantastic tool for promoting your raffle. When social content goes viral it means a person has seen your post and shared it with their friends, who then share it with their friends and the follow on effect continues. This means that if your content is fresh, interesting and engaging the number of people exposed to your raffle will increase significantly.

Below are a few things to keep in mind when creating your content to increase its chances of going viral.



People are more likely to skim over items in their newsfeed rather than stopping and reading every single post. Including a funny, cute or interesting photo or video gives them a reason to stop scrolling and read what you wrote. The type of photo you post is also very important. There is no point spending time crafting a well thought out message if you’re going to pair it with a very boring or generic picture.

The best visuals are photos you have taken yourself. These look authentic and allow people to personally connect to you or your organisation. However if a photo is to go viral it needs to be good quality so avoid blurry or badly framed shots. If you must use stock imagery try not to go for the obvious.  See our post on Digital Marketing Tools For Fundraisers for more tips on developing great visuals for your campaign.


Keep It Simple

Sum up what you want to say in one to three sentences. If your post is too long people will loose interest and move on rather than hit the share button. You can always include a link to more information in your post for those who are interested.

If you want your post to go viral, what you write must be of interest to a wide audience. To do this you could link posts about your raffle to current events or make fun videos of your fundraising team testing the donations. These would be more interesting and appealing than numerous sales posts.


Be Proactive

Most raffles won’t have a massive social media following so you may need a bit of help to get the ball rolling. If you’re running a raffle chances are you already have a number of dedicated people committed to your cause, meaning there is no reason your content should have zero shares. Ask your fundraising team, friend and family to share posts about your raffle to increase exposure.

Don’t expect people to share your content if you’ve never engaged with theirs. Liking, commenting and sharing other peoples posts will generate some online good will and will help to increase interaction with your own content, including shares.