School raffles


Treasurer / St Scholastica's College P&F Assoc.

“We were a little anxious using an online raffle, but were thrilled with the result. We raised more money than in past years, and the process was very easy to setup, administer and draw. We had lots of great feedback from parents as well! We will definitely be using Raffle Link again.”


Business Manager / Lourdes Hill College

“This was our first experience conducting an online raffle and we were very impressed with the service provided by Raffle Link and the simplicity of the system to administer and use. We were happy with the money raised for our Rowing Club and will certainly be using Raffle Link again in the future."


Raffle Coordinator / Marcellin College

“Going online with our school raffle was the best decision. Not having to worry about printing raffle booklets and sending it out to families made it stress free for the committee and families. The ease of tracking our sales daily was a great tool, we knew if we had hit our target. Paperless and online raffles are definitely the way to go. We wouldn’t go back, we will be using RaffleLink again! “


Raffle Coordinator / Parish of St Gerard & St Anne

"RaffleLink was fantastic in providing over the phone support to guide our organisation through the set up process right through to completion. We opted for electronic tickets, with a cash option and a manual draw. Whilst this was a tricky combination, it worked! I was particularly impressed with how quickly RaffleLink got the raffle live from my first phone inquiry to activated in a couple of days".


Chairperson / St Leonard's College Foundation

Thank you very much for all your help. We are very happy with our result and loved our experience. The whole process has been very easy to use – from setup through to drawing the winners. We’ll certainly recommend it to other fundraisers in our community.

School raffles online are an easier way to fundraise.

• Reach beyond your school community (great for schools in regional areas)
• Raise funds 24/7 with next to no volunteers
• Use for stand alone raffles or to boost fundraising at events (such as trivia nights or school fetes)
• Built-in social media sharing to engage with more people
• Easy to monitor classroom sales incentive program


Stress Free & Hassle Free School Raffles

Contact RaffleLink“No” has never sound so good
• No need to pre-purchase, design and print raffle tickets
• No ticket distribution, ticket recovery and accountability woes
• No daily record keeping maintenance
• No money collection, counting, reconciliation, safe storage or banking

• Less time/volunteers required to organise & conduct your raffle
• 24/7 ticket sales monitoring
• 24/7 access for ticket purchasers
• Wider reaching promotion using social media
• Free marketing tools and artwork
• Receipt cash sales at events such as a fair or gala night
• Push button draw, winner notification & reporting


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