School Raffle Reaches New Heights

Social change is very evident in modern day schools with time-poor parents struggling to meet the volunteer commitment which was the backbone to school fundraising in earlier decades.

By harnessing fundraising tools to help them work smarter and not harder, organisers can coordinate a decent school raffle fundraiser with much less effort.

This year we welcomed back Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School for their annual Family Fair Raffle which is coordinated by the current Year 4 parents.

The Statistics of Glenaeon School Raffle

In just over 3 weeks Glenaeon School raised $9750 in Gross Proceeds from their online raffle, topping the previous year by $3340.

The generous result can largely be attributed to the decision to increase the single ticket price from $5 to $20, dispelling the myth that school raffle ticket pricing needs to be kept low.

By offering discounted ticket bundles for both years, the raffle was able to up sell most ticket buyers beyond a single ticket purchase at the click of a button. Interestingly, the average sales transaction was just higher than $60 this year compared to $50 for the previous year, providing some insight into the audience’s buying “comfort zone”.

Across the raffle their average ticket price was $9.90 as opposed to $3.34 for 2014 which means that the buyer’s focus was on how much they were willing to spend ($50-$60) and not whether they received 6 tickets or 15 tickets for that price.

With these statistics available, the organisers can make judgements about their ticket pricing for the next school raffle.

The report generated from the raffle also allows direct email marketing for future raffles. Through her Raffle Admin Panel the raffle coordinator could see the spike in sales in response to their email promotions which produced the most tickets sold.

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