Raffle Ticket Printing vs Online Raffle

What’s better when it comes to Raffle Ticket Printing or Online Raffles

Our blog will delve into the process of raffle ticket printing vs online raffles at every step of the process from production & prizes through to distribution, promotion, management and reporting.

Fundraising Technology is Making Life Easier

In today’s busy society more than ever we are looking for ways to save time and make life easier both at home and work.  We often rely to the myriad of computer devices, programs and apps created by demand in our never ending quest for a stress free, hassle free existence.

Following trends from the US, fundraising has made its way to the online space with the advent of crowdfunding and online charity donation platforms. Our affiliation with social media has made reaching the masses so much more accessible.  With our time poor lifestyle and social media at our finger tips it is a natural progression that fundraising raffles would make their way into the online space in Australia.

Apart from widening your reach to potential ticket buyers, the most notable advantage of an online raffle is the amount of time saved in the management of the raffle.  Running a raffle can be a drain on resources.  An online raffle service such as RaffleLink will handle all of the day to day management of your raffle so that you can focus on your end goal – promoting your cause and fundraising!

Why make the switch to online fundraising?
Let’s compare raffle ticket printing to an online raffle.
Raffle Ticket Printing Online Raffle
Ticket Production

Raffle ticket printing costs begin from 7cents plus freight and take time to design, print & collate into booklets.

Online tickets are generated automatically after your online registration is complete and your raffle page is Live.

Prize Procurement

Association must canvas for prizes through donation or paid and distribute prizes at
raffle close.

RaffleLink offers an extra service of sourcing prizes at a reduced cost and distributing prizes at raffle close.
Raffle Promotion

Rely mainly on face to face exposure in addition to some traditional promotion through posters, local paper & newsletter.

Integrated Social media links extend reach to supporters beyond local borders.

RaffleLink provides a suite of marketing tools to promote your raffle.

Reach & Distribution

Limited to the local community using physically distributed with a large volunteer base required.

Time consuming–selling, collecting money, receipt writing.

Reach is only limited by extent of promotion and less time and no volunteers needed.

Online Raffle is accessible 24/7 in people’s homes and receipts are automatically sent to ticket buyer’s email.

Monitor Progress

Difficult for beneficiary to gauge the raffles progress at a glance.

Online Client Admin Panel access to monitor ticket sales 24/7.
Money Collection & Banking

Rely on volunteers to collect and safely store money and return in timely fashion.

Physically need to deposit proceeds into bank account.

Online sales are receipted directly into an incoming bank account at time of sale.

Funds are disbursed into beneficiary’s bank account as a lump sum at raffle close.

Draw & Winner Advice

Organise 100% random draw of raffle tickets by putting stubs into barrel.

Winners must be notified by email or
phone by a person.

RaffleLink has a random draw facility which allows client to click a button in their Admin Panel and draw winner(s).

Winners will be automatically notified by email.

Ticket Recovery

Raffle tickets are an accountable document and therefore all ticket numbers, both sold and unsold need to be collated & documented which is time consuming.

Some tickets can be lost or never returned which is a loss of printing money.

RaffleLink’s online system automatically accounts and documents your tickets for you.

Online tickets are virtual making them risk free.  You don’t have to worry about people keeping them safe or returning them on time.


Ticket Sales must be collated through manual input and a report produced.

RaffleLink provides an up-to-the-minute electronic report during the raffle which can be downloaded at the conclusion of the raffle.

Analysis sales statistics at a glance and use for direct marketing of future fundraisers.

The benefits of an online raffle

So the benefits of going online with your next raffle are clear.

  • No raffle ticket printing & design considerations to meet regulations
  • No need for volunteers or “people power”
  • No raffle ticket distribution and recovery
  • No daily record keeping maintenance
  • No accounts reconciliation woes
  • No money collection, counting or banking

The word “No” never sounded so good!

How our online raffle software works:
  • Fundraisers receive their own mobile friendly raffle webpage
  • The webpage will take ticket payments securely via credit card
  • We will supply unlimited phone support to get you up and running with your raffle
  • Fundraisers will receive free marketing tools and artwork to help promote their raffle
  • RaffleLink will handle sales reporting and account reconciliation for your raffle
  • The system will conduct the draw and notify the winners
  • Raffle proceeds are transferred into your account at the end of the raffle

It’s that easy!

To learn more about making the switch to an online raffle get in touch with Belinda today.

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