Raffle Promotion Ideas for an Event


For non-profit organisations, adding an online raffle to your fundraising event can be a fabulous way a gaining extra financial support from event goers as well as capturing their contact details to grow your database.

Consider adding a raffle to a sporting event or challenge, BBQ or picnic, high tea, festival, fete, community market, awards evening, gala ball, charity golf day, celebrity fireside chat, building opening or project launch.

We’ve made a quick list of raffle promotion ideas that you can apply to either an indoor or outdoor event.

Raffle Promotion Ideas for an Outdoor Event

Raffle ticket table/information tent – Man a raffle ticket table with a posters showing the raffle page link (URL) and a QR Code which you can generate for free QRCode Monkey – The free QR Code Generator to create custom QR Codes with Logo (qrcode-monkey.com) With a QR Code, ticket buyers can use their smart phone to scan & buy tickets easily without queuing for paper tickets.

Roving ticket sellers – can move throughout the event spruiking & assisting guests to buy tickets using a tablet or via their mobile phone. Where there is no wifi such as at the beach, simply tether the tablet to your mobile phone. Ticket sellers can wear an event lanyard with ID and a colourful t-shirt to stand out. Perhaps even wearing a costume or cardboard sandwich board with the raffle information, prize picture and a large QR Code displayed.

Posters – Strategically place raffle posters with a QR code at high traffic/queuing areas such as entry, information tent, and food service & toilet areas.

Decals – Be creative, you can even put decal stickers or laminated posters on the footpaths or taped to the tables in the eating area to catch people’s attention.

Flyers – ask the food stall staff to hand out a raffle flyer (displaying QR Code & URL) with every meal purchase. While the person enjoys their food break, they can read the flyer and buy a ticket.

Announcements – If your event has an MC on a mic, they can direct people to ticket sellers and promote the raffle prizes and cause.

Raffle Promotion Ideas for a Seated Event – Gala Dinner/ Awards Evening

Table-talkers – Add a QR Code to a small table poster in a stand at the centre of the table or use promo placemats/flyers to allow guests to scan & buy tickets at their leisure throughout the seated event.

Posters – use strategically placed posters with a QR code at key points such as entry, bar & toilet areas.

Roving ticket sellers – can move throughout the crowd assisting guest to buy tickets using a tablet or via their mobile phone. You can offer those who buy a ticket a promotional wrist band or badge to wear so that they are not continually approached during the event. If you have visited a table, then leave behind a helium balloon as a marker.

TV Screens – Check with the venue if there are TV screens available on which you are able to display the raffle prizes & URL link.

Announcements – The event MC can make announcements about the raffle throughout the event including the cause, prizes, pricing and number of tickets sold.

What next?

For more top promo ideas visit https://www.rafflelink.com.au/top-10-raffle-promotion-ideas/

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