Raffle Prize Ideas in a Covid-19 World

Raffle Prize Ideas in a Covid-19 World

In a Covid-19 World striving for normality has compelled humans to get creative about the way that we live and work.  In the face of adversity our resourcefulness peaks and we go in search of solutions, hence you find yourself reading this blog where we plan to share you with our top Covid-19 busting raffle prize ideas.

Charities and not-for-profit organisations could not have foreseen the dilemma they now face – the sudden and urgent need for a new income stream. With all events and face-to-face fundraising scraped unexpectedly, annual events that once attracted supporter participation and fund infusions are now side-lined.

So you are switching to Plan B – good on you!

An online raffle is the perfect Plan B that tackles the 4 main challenges inhibiting fundraisers at the moment, including the ability to source suitable raffle prizes. Let’s take a look at how conducting your raffle online will solve these issues.

  1. No contact with supporters

An online raffle ideally suits the current ‘social distancing’ restrictions allowing you to connect with supporters, foster community spirit and continue to fundraise directly into Australian homes via social media & digital marketing.

  1. Limited human resources

An online raffle requires very few human resources and time to administer.  In fact most online raffles are conducted by a single raffle coordinator with a laptop which is perfect for NFP employees and volunteers who are working away from their office and colleagues.

  1. Limited income for operational expenses

To assist fellow fundraisers to keep fundraising during this challenging time RaffleLink has introduced a Covid-19 Relief Rate. Take a look here https://www.rafflelink.com.au/rafflelink-pricing/

  1. Raffle Prize Sourcing & Delivery

With many businesses closed and those that are still operating tightening their reigns, you may have found that your usual prize donation sources have dried up.

This leads me to the sole reason for this blog which is to share with you our list of Covid-19-busting raffle prizes that would appeal to any stir-crazy, house-bound ticket buyers.

Prizes which:

  • draw on businesses that are still operating,
  • are everyday necessities,
  • keep people entertained in social isolation, and
  • are easily delivered.
Covid-19-busting raffle prizes in no particular order

Cash or Prepaid Gift Cards – a firm favourite – Note a cash prize or prepaid gift card is not permitted in Victoria  https://giftcardstore.com.au/

Netflix Gift Card – who wouldn’t want countless hours of binge tv & movie streaming. Purchase online and email directly to the prize winner. Nominate value between $10-$250  https://www.netflix.com/gift-cards

eBooks Subscription – for those who prefer the written word. Book Riot have a handy list to get you started. https://bookriot.com/2019/01/24/best-ebook-subscription-services-2019/

Meal Delivery – delicious home delivered meal boxes with recipe cards to help you avoid the supermarkets such as Hello Fresh https://www.hellofresh.com.au/gift and Marley Spoon https://marleyspoon.com.au/. Or perhaps prepared meals such as Gourmet Dinner Service https://www.gourmetdinnerservice.com.au/ and YouFoodz  https://youfoodz.com/

Store gift cards – most gift cards are now valid for 3 years so there will be plenty of time post-Covid-19 to redeem the prize.  Try these stores which are still currently operating.

  • Bunnings
  • Petrol Stations
  • Groceries – Coles & Woolworths
  • Liquor stores such as BWS and Dan Murphys

Local Businesses – I am sure in the current economic climate local businesses would love to have the trade and a potential new long-term client. Get in touch with a local hairdresser. They may even be happy to provide a donated voucher. Often within your work or friendship network, school or local community there are home businesses that focus on makeup, skincare, jewellery or linen to name a few.

Board Games – Why not try gift vouchers to purchase classic board games online and have delivered to your door https://www.gameology.com.au/products/gift-card or https://boardgamemaster.com.au/products/gift-card

Coffee Beans Delivered – As the name suggests, a gift voucher or subscription to have your favourite brew delivered to your doorstep.  It’s pretty difficult to find an open café with takeaway coffee these days. https://coffeebeansdelivered.com.au/ or https://barkerst.com.au/subscription-blend/

Online fitness Subscriptions – Like most businesses, gyms and fitness centres have adapted by creating subscriptions to online fitness programs.  Google your local area to support a local fitness business.


So there you have it, enticing and easy to deliver raffle prizes to suit our current world crisis.  We are confident that our list of Covid-19-busting raffle prizes will provide you with inspiration and a renewed optimism to tackle fundraising in 2020 head on.

Get in touch with us to learn more about conducting an online raffle in Australia including government regulations.