Raffle Fundraiser NT

Regulation Exemption for Online Raffles

When conducting a raffle fundraiser in the NT, the NT regulations do not apply when the “selling transaction” occurs outside of the NT (i.e. with RaffleLink in Brisbane).  So regardless of whether the benefiting organisation is based in the NT or another state, they may sell tickets within the NT via an online raffle and the NT regulations do not apply.

NT legislation regulates the selling activities that happen within the NT and would only apply to the physical sale of paper tickets within the NT.

If you wish to add paper tickets or conduct face-to-face sales via our system’s cash receipting function then a permit may be required based on your Ticket Sales as below.

A permit is not required for available ticket sales are $5000 or less.

A permit is required for:-

Minor lotteries (where the total tickets available for sale are between $5001 and $20 000)

Major lotteries (where total tickets available for sale is greater than $20 000)

There may be other legislative requirements related to your raffle so contact us to receive tailored advice for your upcoming raffle.

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