The Hunger Project

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Fundraising Raffle to support The Hunger Project Australia

Together, we can help end WORLD hunger by 2030

The Hunger Project allows us to empower some of the world’s poorest people to create a new future for themselves… free from hunger and poverty.
Together, we can give them a hand up, rather than a hand out. Here’s an example:
Wilfred (shown above) was born into poverty in a Ugandan village where there are very few opportunities to improve circumstances. Most local families accept that community hunger is a part of life.
Wilfred visited his local Hunger Project Epicentre to join one of their free workshops on modern farming techniques. Equipped with new skills he was able to harvest far greater yields, actually save some money and buy more land for banana crops.
He’s since been able to build a house with concrete walls and even buy a television. Most importantly, his two young children never miss a meal.
Wilfred now volunteers with The Hunger Project to pass on his skills to members of his community… showing it IS possible to create a future free from hunger and poverty.

Tickets are priced at $2 each, 6 tickets for $10, 15 tickets for $25, 35 tickets for $50