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Fundraising Raffle to support St Lucy’s School

2017 Week Without Words

St Lucy’s Week Without Words (WWW) campaign is our annual fundraising and awareness campaign to highlight challenges of those who struggle to communicate verbally.

St Lucy’s School is an independent Catholic primary school for students of all faiths, with intellectual disabilities. Over 70% of our students are on the autism spectrum and 95% of our students have communication difficulties.

The aim of our Week Without Words Raffle is to raise funds which will help us give all of our students a voice through the use of:
• Extra Speech therapy
• ipads and Proloquo2Go licences
• Literacy for Life reading program
• Programs to address challenging behaviour which relate to communication

Tickets are priced at $5 each, 5 tickets for $20, 15 tickets for $50, 35 tickets for $100