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Win A Holiday To Fiji

Imagine how you would feel if you lived in a country where you couldn’t afford to send your child to school? In Samoa there are many children who don’t have the privilege our Aussie kids have of getting an education and creating a better life for themselves as they live in extreme poverty. The Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise in conjunction with the Northern Gold Coast Collegiate of schools are planning building a school for the Samoa Victims Support Group to provide a place for these children to learn for free. Without your help to raise the last of these funds this cannot happen. We know you’ve been working hard, so instead of asking you for a donation we thought we’d give you the chance to take a break in beautiful Fiji instead. In total we’re only selling 500 tickets which means even if you only buy 1 you still have a 1 in 500 odds of winning! Now we’ve already sold some good old fashioned paper tickets so get in quick & grab your tickets online now before they all sell out!

Tickets are priced at $25 each, 2 tickets for $50, 3 tickets for $75, 5 tickets for $125