Club VF Australia

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Club VF Australia is proud to be raising funds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation of Australia.

Sometimes when a child gets really sick, the fun, play and laughter of childhood seem to disappear. But sick kids are still kids at heart and the fun shouldn’t stop. This is where Starlight jumps in!

We replace pain, fear and stress with fun, joy and laughter. And the result? Kids can forget about being sick and just be kids. We help sick kids and their families take a break and find some much-needed joy and happiness during difficult times.

That’s the difference Starlight makes.

We are an integral part of a complete health care system, and work in partnership with healthcare professionals.

Starlight’s programs are underpinned by the World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s) model of social health – improving mental and social wellbeing has a positive impact on overall physical health.

Tickets are priced at $5 each, 2 tickets for $10, 3 tickets for $15, 4 tickets for $20, 5 tickets for $25, 6 tickets for $30, 7 tickets for $35, 10 tickets for $50