Operation Rebuild Seth - Raffle #2

Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and this time it was Seth Wood. He’s a country bloke from NSW, a family man, a fantastic blacksmith and an all-round great guy who lost everything in the recent bushfires - his home, his workshops, and most of his tools. As Seth is an entirely self-employed blacksmith, and a father of nine remarkable children, this blow has been more than most can handle.

He is the kind of guy that’ll go out of his way to help everyone, and so now we, as a knifemaking and blacksmith community, step up to help the rebuild. Many members donated for our massive raffle prize pool. Due to the substantial generosity, and the complex interstate legislation, our prize pool needs to be split. This is Raffle #2 and is open to all States except those in ACT & WA.

Now will you join us to raise the funds needed for Operation Rebuild Seth, rebuild his workshop and get him back on his feet? Give him a place to get back on the tools and doing what he does best? Thank you for your support and GOOD LUCK

Tickets are priced at $10 each, 2 tickets for $18, 3 tickets for $25, 5 tickets for $40, 7 tickets for $50, 15 tickets for $100, 25 tickets for $150


1st Prize valued at $875

Magnificent Slimline Lanny's Clip with mosaic carbon damascus, fluted bolsters on fileworked, jeweled and mill relieved liners with domed pins retaining stabilised Amboyna burl scales. This knife has been donated by Bruce Barnett. 

2nd Prize valued at $620

This elegant 228mm Gyuto, NitroV blade, with Japanese elm and Russian bog oak handles was generously donated by Brook Turner

3rd Prize valued at $400

This handy Damascus Knife Kit has everything you need to make your own masterpiece. Damascus from Odin's Arms, the balance of the kit from Odin's Arms mates!

4th Prize valued at $375

Francois Mazieres has donated this low count stainless san mai paring knife, forge welded at the Old Telegraph Station workshop in Alice Springs. Handle is stabilised silky oak, bolster is 416 stainless, blade is a 316 stainless steel layer then 1075, 15n20 and 1075 as core.

5th Prize valued at $350

Hand forged 7" Santoku in 1084 steel, with stabilised timber handle, and kydex sheath, donated by Mark Finlay

6th Prize valued at $350

Nick Edwards donated this 1084 high-carbon steel with 205mm cutting edge Gyuto style with an oval handle of Tasmanian Blackwood

7th Prize valued at $300

Stabilised knife blocks consisting of Desert Ironwood burl, Gidgee, Karee burl, Red Bush Willow, and Tassie Blackwood, donated by Luke Cole


8th Prize valued at $300

Custom one-off spontoon hexhawk, handforged from industrial jackhammer bit, spotted gum handle, donated by Sam Towns

9th Prize valued at $275

Mammoth molar scales donated by Wade Smith

10th Prize valued at $150

This hammer is made by Seth Wood himself, in fact it was his 100th rounding hammer. It was acquired by QMAC for a special raffle, and so here it is!

11th Prize valued at $180

Anthony Bailey produced this Rasp blade with Spalted Sassafras handle and stainless and brass bolster

12th Prize valued at $180

This unique hand forged razor by Tharwa Valley Forge was donated by Chris Stokes

13th Prize valued at $180

Mastersmiths Kevin & Heather Harvey have donated South African hardwoods consisting of Black Chacate, Camel Thorn, Snake Bean, Mopane, Leadwood and Wild Olive

14th Prize valued at $140

Alex Norton, well known blacksmith has donated these unique jewellery pieces

15th Prize valued at $140

Lovely nickel and copper mokume by Bryce Morely.  Approx 140 x 45mm, thickness will depend on the patterning and clean up.

16th Prize valued at $120

Unique handcrafted lamp donated by Lampman Werhner

Terms & Conditions

The Raffle commences on the 25th of November 2019, closes on the 15th of December 2019 and will be drawn on the 15th of December 2019 at Greenbank at 4pm. Details of the Winner(s) will be displayed at www.qmac.club and https://www.rafflelink.com.au/operation-seth-2. State(s) where tickets are on sale NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC. This raffle is being held for QUEENSLAND METAL ARTISANS COLLECTIVE 14-20 Spinebill Drive, Greenbank, QLD, 4124. All prizes for this raffle will be sent directly to the winnners of the items by the person/s who donated them. The organisers are offering the prizes in this raffle in good faith based on the commitment offered by the donators. Should the donator fail to deliver on their commitment, the organisers cannot be held liable for the value of the prize. QMAC is presenting this raffle on behalf of the greater Australian knifemaking and blacksmithing community, and it not profiting from this raffle in any way.

Persons under the age of 18 years are unable to enter.

The odds of winning the stated prizes based on the total possible ticket sales displayed are: 1st Prize 1/2450, 2nd Prize 1/2449, 3rd Prize 1/2448, 4th Prize 1/2447, 5th Prize 1/2446, 6th Prize 1/2445, 7th Prize 1/2444, 8th Prize 1/2443, 9th Prize 1/2442, 10th Prize 1/2441, 11th Prize 1/2440, 12th Prize 1/2439, 13th Prize 1/2438, 14th Prize 1/2437, 15th Prize 1/2436, 16th Prize 1/2435. Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash. Some images are display only and may not be a true reflection of the prize. Additional Terms & Conditions. This raffle is hosted for a service fee by RaffleLink a registered business of Lighthouse Group Pty Ltd ABN: 83161197860, PO Box 6758, Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122. Lighthouse Group Pty Ltd as RaffleLink is committed to selling raffle tickets responsibly to support community and charitable organisations.

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