Mega List of Raffle Prize Ideas

Sourcing raffle prizes can give you one giant headache so RaffleLink have devised some tips to help you choose raffle prizes that will sell tickets.

We’ve also put our heads together to begin compiling a mega list of raffle prize ideas and we’d love you to add to it.

But first, here are a few considerations when choosing raffle prizes.

Target audience and prize appeal

Consider your ticket buying audience in terms of demographics such as age, gender, socio-economic status and location, then choose prizes that would appeal to this audience.
For example a beach holiday would be an attractive prize for a raffle held in a regional area. A predominately female audience may find spa treatments and jewellery appealing.

Prizes and Pricing

Your style of prize will affect the ticket price you select.

Unique prizes which are highly sought after can command a higher ticket price such as limited edition items like memorabilia or A Reserve show or sports event tickets.

Niche prizes may have a limited audience so your ticket price may have to be higher to offset the lower number of ticket sales.
Case Study
Chad Edmunds conducted a fundraising raffle for Cure Cancer Australia. His prize was a $4000 retro fridge custom painted in the Port Adelaide Football Club colours and signed by the whole team. With only 1000 tickets on sale the odds of winner were high for his target audience of Port Adelaide FC fans who were happy to pay $20/ticket, however most bought 5 tickets for $75.

Generic prizes will appeal to the widest audience. Ordinarily you would have a greater number of tickets on sales at a lower price.

Prize distribution

Distribution of prizes should also be a consideration. If your raffle is on a national scale you may wish to invest in virtual prizes such as gift cards or vouchers which are easily emailed or posted to the winners. Your prize description should always outline conditions of delivery for larger items.

Prohibited Prizes and other Prize Conditions

Check the raffle regulations for the states in which you plan to sell your tickets. Prohibited prizes will be listed and also the conditions surrounding certain prizes.
Some examples are briefly outlined below.

  • Alcohol – there may be a limit on the litres or dollar value of alcohol offered as a prize
  • Land and/or House – current valuation on the land, certificate of title, certification that building is structurally sound
  • Travel Prize – maximum amount of spending money that can accompany a travel prize
  • Second hand Goods – current market valuation, a certificate of roadworthiness for a vehicle
  • Antiques, Gems, Memorabilia or Artwork – a certificate of authenticity with market valuation
  • Animals – market valuation and veterinary certificate
  • Insurance – In some states, prizes over a certain value may require insurance cover against damage or loss from the commencement of the raffle till the prize is delivered to the winner.
Raffle Prize Ideas

We’ve started our raffle prize idea list below. Do you know any great prizes we’ve missed?

Cash, Bullion

Dream home

Motorhome, cars, boats, jet ski, motorbike, moped, bicycle, electric skateboard,

Luggage, holidays, airfares, cruises, ski holiday, famous rail journeys, weekend getaways, exotic treks, health retreats, farm stays, houseboat stay,

Male oriented prizes
Sporting event tickets, sports memorabilia, high speed experiences such as driving a racing car or flying lessons or a helicopter ride, lawn mowing service, landscaping, power tools,

Female oriented prizes
Shopping Spree, clothes store gift cards, beauty treatments, massage, hairdresser voucher, glamour photographic session, housekeeping, high tea,

Homewares & Electronics
Home renovations packages, white goods, audio visual goods, home theatre package, electronics & communication devices, gaming supplies, home appliances, photography equipment,Thermomix,

Gift Baskets
Wine & alcohol, chocolate, gourmet food, beauty products, health products,

Health retreats, gym memberships, gym equipment, sporting equipment, sporting clothes voucher, yoga or Pilates classes,

Attractions, Adventures, Experiences & Lessons
Restaurant dining experience, theme park passes, hot air balloon ride, movie tickets, theatre tickets, concert tickets, photography family portrait, cooking classes, scuba diving, caving, canyoning, zip-lining, skydiving,

Collectibles, memorabilia, celebrity merchandise, artwork, jewellery, toys

Remember if you’ve got a great raffle prize that we’ve left off our list, we’d love to hear from you through our contacts page.


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