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An artwork for every taste.

The purpose of this raffle is simple - to raise funds for The Garvan Research Foundation who treated Marija in her last illness.

She was a talented and prolific artist whose work spans from the 1980s until just a few years ago. Her husband is carrying out her last wishes to see her works sold to raise funds for Garvan Medical Research 

Please read conditions. By purchasing a ticket you acknowledge you have read and agreed to the Conditions

CONDITIONS & full pictorial catalogue with details can be found on b: ATELIER's Website at the following address.

Works have not been formally valued and a nominal value of $200 has been attached to each work for the purpose of this raffle. This is no way reflects on the quality and impact of Marija's artwork.

Tickets are priced at $10 each, 2 tickets for $20, 3 tickets for $30, 4 tickets for $40, 5 tickets for $50, 6 tickets for $60, 7 tickets for $70



1st Prize valued at $200

First Choice of one of 11 artworks as per catalogue at -

2nd Prize valued at $200

Choice of one of 10 remaining artworks 

at -

3rd Prize valued at $200

Choice of one of 9 remaining artworks

at -

4th Prize valued at $200

Choice of one of 8 remaining artworks

at -

5th Prize valued at $200

Choice of one of 7 remaining artworks

at -

6th Prize valued at $200

Choice of one of 6 remaining artworks

at -

7th Prize valued at $200

Choice of one of 5 remaining artworks

at -

8th Prize valued at $200

Choice of one of 4 remaining artworks

at -

9th Prize valued at $200

Choice of one of 3 remaining artworks

at -

10th Prize valued at $200

Choice of one of 2 remaining artworks

at -

11th Prize valued at $200

Lucky last.

at -

Terms & Conditions

The Raffle commences on the 4th of March 2021, closes on the 4th of June 2021 and will be drawn on the 5th of June 2021 at Batlow at 10 am. Details of the Winner(s) will be displayed at and and To be confirmed. . State(s) where tickets are on sale ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS. This raffle is being held for The Garvan Institute 384 Victoria St, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010 by Fundraising Agent Robyn Sweeney, b: ATELIER, 14-16 Pioneer St, Batlow, NSW 2730 whose authority to fundraise can be verified with the beneficiary. By purchasing a ticket you acknowledge you have read and agreed to the Conditions There are 250 tickets on offer at $10 each and will be drawn on the advertised date or when all tickets are sold. The Raffles will be managed online by Rafflelink. In each Raffle there are 11 artworks of various styles reflecting Marija's interests and influences over 40 years of continual practice. Prizes will be awarded by giving 1st drawn ticket: first choice of works. 2nd drawn ticket: 2nd choice and so on until all 11 prizes are claimed. This arrangement is designed to offer an artwork for all tastes. Selections will be made in order of draw and the web based catalogue will be updated each time an artwork has been claimed, until all 11 prizes have been awarded. The draw will take place at b: ATELIER in Batlow. Marija’s husband Paul will draw the winning tickets. Winners will be notified of their win by b: ATELIER. The lucky winners of the artworks will have to arrange with b: ATELIER to collect their prizes either personally or through a freight company at their own expense. Smaller works could be packaged and sent through Australia Post. b: ATELIER will assist with pickup arrangements & packaging but must be reimbursed by the winner for packing materials if required. b: ATELIER will be happy to accommodate personal pickups following suitable arrangements. Whilst we will hold your stored artworks in secure storage, we take all care but cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred. (This is unlikely as the allocated storage site is just several doors away from b: ATELIER and all works are strongly framed). In the event that all tickets are sold before the draw date, the raffle organisers reserves the right to draw the raffle early. Prize Claim - Winners have 12 months from the date of notification to claim their prize. Redraw Policy - If a winner resides in the ACT and their prize is not claimed by 9th October 2021, then another ticket for this prize will be drawn from ACT entrants only via raffle draw at 11AM on 10th October at b: ATELIER, 14-16 Pioneer St, Batlow 2730. The redraw winner has 12 months from date of notification to claim their prize. Unclaimed Prize – If a prize is not claimed after 12 months from notification, then the raffle organiser will advise the regulatory bodies in each state as required and seek approval to sell the prize and apply the sale proceeds to the beneficiary’s purpose.

Persons under the age of 18 years are unable to enter.

Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash. Some images are display only and may not be a true reflection of the prize. Additional Terms & Conditions. This raffle is hosted for a service fee by RaffleLink a registered business of Lighthouse Group Pty Ltd ABN: 83161197860, PO Box 6758, Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122. Lighthouse Group Pty Ltd as RaffleLink is committed to selling raffle tickets responsibly to support community and charitable organisations.

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