How to Use a QR Code to Sell More Raffle Tickets

An online raffle is easier to organise and almost always more successful than a traditional paper raffle with supporters often making a more generous purchase when buying raffle tickets online.

Now you can capture even more online sales for your raffle with a QR CODE!

Discover how to use a QR Code to sell more raffle tickets.

Why should you use a QR Code

With its rise in popularity, the QR Code is an effective way to interact quickly with your busy audience and simple to use by a broad age group. As our mobile phones often store our personal and banking information, this can also populate in the raffle transaction fields for a more user-friendly experience.

Just by adding a QR Code to your promotional material, the focus will be on uncluttered, eye-catching artwork whilst the QR Code navigates supporters to your raffle page with all the required information.

Your marketing would not be complete without the addition of this essential matrix barcode.

How to create a QR Code to sell more raffle tickets

It only takes 5 simple steps to  Create a QR Code’

Apply your QR Code to;

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Table – talkers
  • A4 frame
  • Newspaper advertisement
  • T-shirts (stick on for a cheaper option)
  • Display screens
  • Newsletters

The possibilities are limitless…

Tips for the best QR Code results
  • Keep design simple and recognisable as a QR Code
  • Min size 2cm x 2cm or larger
  • Black on a white background is best
  • Apply to printed matter that does not reflect too much light or distort image
  • Ensure your QR Code is clear & sharp
  • Always test with different apps before printing to ensure it is readable.
  • Note – dim/poor lighting could result in scanning challenges. If holding an indoor event, plan ahead by testing the QR Code in a real-time setting to determine if an alternative light source or location is required.

See here for more promotional ideas; Raffle Promotion Ideas for an Event | RaffleLink

RaffleLink clients who have sold more raffle tickets with a QR Code
Brilliant, Love It!”

Known as the ‘QR Code Queen’ Ascot State School’s raffle organiser is a true advocate of the QR Code. Brooke loves how effective and simple a QR Code is to incorporate to any printed marketing material for quick and easy sales.

Their Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon is a major fundraiser. The online raffle is a big money earner at this event raising $7329 this year. With QR Codes widely featured on their flyers and posters, they captured $4300 in pre-sales even before their event! A fantastic effort!

Brooke said having the QR Codes on the luncheon tables were also a big help to sell raffle tickets easily! They have been able to eliminate the need for any cash handling on the day by easily driving digital sales with this simple addition.

Brooke – Ascot State School


“We used a QR Code for our raffle and it was great!”

The Pink Angels sold out 1000 tickets before the draw date, raising $50,000!!

“People using the QR Code just loved it! It just all came up and it was all automated”

“People are now so used to this kind of thing and the majority of buyers had no trouble at all.”

Donna said they used a big A frame sign with the Raffle QR Code to advertise at their Bunnings sausage sizzles. “People would just come up to scan to enter whilst selling sausages at Bunnings.” They sold raffle tickets whilst selling sausages!

They found that there was a very broad age group who were confident with using the QR Code, and it was a really good result. Some others who were not so IT savvy, were equally as happy with an email ticket issued by the RaffleLink Cash Sale Entry function. Paper tickets were not required at all.

They also put a big advert with the raffle QR Code in a local paper along with printed flyers handed out to local businesses.

Donna – Pink Angels


“We sold $1000 worth of raffle tickets in the last 10 minutes”

Women in Insurance hold an annual Xmas Luncheon raffle. This is the first year they have used the QR Code to sell raffle tickets. Monica illustrated how every year, “we are out doing the hard copy tickets, counting cash and having to get security to come a collect the cash… and it is such an issue.”

This year they printed out the QR Code and place them on the luncheon table. As a result “it made it so much easier for everyone to quickly access the page and buy the tickets. It was a really quick and easy process for everyone.”

Monica explained, their previous traditional style raffle would raise approximately $15,000 in ticket sales. With the help of RaffleLink and the QR Code, they were successful in raising $17,935 this year. Brilliant!

Normally, they would be busy selling tickets at the event. “But all of us (convenors) were actually sitting there during the event, saying that we feel like we should be doing something. It worked really well” Monica said.

The MC made a final call to purchase prior to close, which saw an amazing $1,000 of raffle ticket sales in the last 10 minutes!!  “If we were trying to run around and sell tickets in that time, there is no way would have made that much money. It made it so easy.”

Monica – Women in Insurance


In conclusion, a QR Code is an essential tool offered by RaffleLink for selling more raffle tickets quickly and easily.

Easy to create, Easy to use and Easy to sell!

Please Get in touch with RaffleLink to see how else we can help with your raffle success!

Thank you to Giant Steps Australia for providing an image from their Safari Gala Ball.