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Giants Steps Safari ball table setting with QR code

How to Use a QR Code to Sell More Raffle Tickets

An online raffle is easier to organise and almost always more successful than a traditional paper raffle with supporters often […]

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Raffle Prize Ideas – Hits and Misses

Our List of Raffle Prize Ideas – the Hits and the Misses So, after 5 years we have hosted quiet […]

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Tickets neon sign on brick wall background

Raffle Ticket Pricing - How high is too high?

Limited ticket raffles go hand in hand with higher raffle ticket pricing. But how high is too high? A growing […]

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Fundraising in Australia Best Time of Year

What is the best time of year for Fundraising in Australia? Fundraising can take a lot of time and effort […]

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Raffle Success - 4 Mistakes to Avoid

Raffle Success - 4 Mistakes to Avoid

Our Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid for Raffle Success An online raffle, in particular, is a cost effective and profitable […]

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selling raffle tickets

Selling Raffle Tickets - Our Top 9 Ideas

Searching for the best tips for selling raffle tickets? So you’ve spent a huge amount of time meticulously planning your […]

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