Fundraising in Australia Best Time of Year

What is the best time of year for Fundraising in Australia?

Fundraising can take a lot of time and effort and planning so it would be counter productive if you didn’t take the time to research “time”. Timing can be the difference between success and failure.

12 months of opportunities?  So you would think. However there are distinct times of the year when your fundraising efforts will be more rewarded. Take a look at our calendar for fundraising in Australia below before you launch into fundraising to ensure you’ll maximise your profits.

Australian Fundraising Calendar

January – a no goer – Christmas credit card debt 🙁

February – distractions with getting children off to school, settling into the new year, maybe a potential new job

March & April – A good time for charities but not for schools as Easter/school holidays are disruptive

May & June – A generous block of uninterrupted time where people have settled into routines. Mother’s Day is a wonderful avenue to draw on fundraising support. A great time to scout for EOFY donations.

July & Aug– Prime fundraising time. With the Winter cold, people are spending more time indoors with the potential to be on a digital device more frequently – a captive audience.

September – November – The start of Spring and we step outside from our Winter slumber and rejoin society at events and occasions. We begin getting into the Christmas spirit and our generosity swells. Prime fundraising time but a lot of competition for fundraising dollars.

December – By this time many of us experience donor fatigue and begin dodging sidewalk & shopping centre fundraisers. The distractions of the festive season and holiday travel make it difficult to connect meaningfully with people.


So what are you waiting for.  Choose a timeframe and get busy planning.

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