Fun Run Fundraising for charity

Fun Run Fundraising

Fun run fundraising for charity is an intrinsic part of society these days.  Fun runs are virtually synonymous with charity fundraising with many major events providing participants an opportunity to fundraise for the event charity or a charity of their choice.

If you’ve signed up for a fun run then you’ve probably established the mandatory donation page however increasingly, fun run participants are looking for other avenues to boost funds raised for their favourite charity.  In our time-poor society, we want to reach the greatest amount of people with the least amount of effort – right?

Join those who are going the extra mile for their charity by launching an online raffle. 
Why an online raffle?
  1. Promote easily through social media and email
  2. Sell your tickets 24/7, even while you sleep
  3. Easily upsell buyers to a higher sale at the click of a button
  4. Stress-free raffle management
  5. Created compliant with raffle regulations


Common misconceptions

I’m going to need a permit

In most Australian states you can conduct a raffle with prizes under $5000, without needing a permit. In ACT prizes must be under $2500.

I will need an astronomical prize to attract buyers

Not so, raffle prizes under $1000 can generate great results.  The best advice is not to over invest in your prize, but ultimately donated prizes will maximise profit.  Check out our blog on asking for donated prizes.

I haven’t got the time

Once your raffle is created, you will need to promote the raffle page frequently, however this is more easily done via technology than selling paper tickets face-to-face.

I am not very tech savvy

Creating your raffle page is a matter of filling in an online registration form and the system will build your page for you.  Assistance is available every step of the way.

Corporate Fundraising

Team Fundraising is too easy

If you are part of a fun run fundraising team then you can share a raffle in which each participant will have their sales attributed to their name. At the end of the raffle you will be able to claim the funds raised in your name.  Learn more about a Team Raffle.

As a fundraising method – online raffles are only limited by your imagination.  Fundraisers participating in runs, walks, treks, bike rides, travel adventures, rallies, triathlons have all increased their overall fundraising target using an online raffle.

Visit some of our current raffles for inspiration.

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