Easter Raffle – Making it Super Easy

Here’s a super easy Easter Raffle you can whip up in a jiffy with no fussing over prizes and ticket books.

Are you planning an Easter raffle for your school, club or association but you want to reach further than the same members who participate in everything?

Taking your raffle online is the key.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The first point of business is to sort your raffle prizes. No prizes, no raffle.

Easter Raffle Prizes

Did you know that in Australia the value of your prize pool will determine whether you need a raffle permit, so sourcing prizes should be your first task.  Across most states of Australia (except for the ACT), if you keep your raffle prize pool to $5000 or below, then you won’t need a raffle permit. 😉

An Easter raffle naturally lends itself to chocolate as a prize, but what if you want to sell your tickets across a selection of states?  Not so easy to transport right?

Have you considered Red Balloon www.redballoon.com.au who have a selection of chocolate gifts (not necessarily Easter chocolate – granted) that can be delivered to the winner’s door?

For 54 Easter prize options, click on Gift Products > Gift Hampers > Occasions > Easter

Voila!  And the best part – there is no upfront outlay. Just order & pay for the gifts from the raffle proceeds after the raffle is drawn.

Chocolate alone is probably not enough to entice ticket buyers so if you want an eye-catching first prize to lure punters in, then you can’t go past a weekend getaway.  A generic prize like travel is a great all-rounder as it appeals to the widest audience.  But how do you cater for the potential winner living in another state?  What I would suggest is what most travel agencies do – make a few enticing suggestions in your prize description, then offer a gift voucher to the value of $xyz to “go towards your dream escape”.  It gives the winner total flexibility with where they go and puts the travel arrangements back in their hands, which is a bonus for you.  You can arrange a voucher through your local travel agent and the winner can simply make the booking by phone or email no matter where they live.  Red balloon also have gift vouchers that are valid for 12 months and can be used on any of their getaways, gifts and experiences. Again, there is no upfront payment.

Why an Online Raffle?

Making the switch from a traditional paper ticket raffle to an online raffle has a whole host of benefits.

Wider Reach

As I mentioned earlier, it allows you to reach beyond the face-to-face sales in your immediate community and enlist the aid of your membership as promoters and digital ticket sellers.  They can send promotions via Facebook or email to friends and relatives in other parts of the state or even interstate.

 Save Time & Resources

An online raffle system administers the conduct of the raffle from ticketing to sales reporting and draw, freeing up your precious time to focus on promotions and fundraising to maximise ticket sales.

Easy Upsell

Speaking of maximising ticket sales – have you ever dreaded the moment that you committed to purchasing 10 tickets in a raffle, only to get RSI from writing your contact details out again & again and again?

Selling raffle tickets online allows you to easily upsell ticket buyers to purchase more tickets at the click of a button.  Boom! Your single ticket may have been $5 but the dangling carrot was too alluring for Mr Brown who couldn’t help but purchase 5 for $20.  Thanks for coming.

Keep it Legal

Are you ever concerned that you may not have ticked all the boxes in order to keep your raffle legal?  We receive calls daily from individuals, club and associations looking for answers & assistance and we are happy to provide tailored raffle permit advice to each and every one.

Further, there is no added stress to ensure that your raffle is legal and compliant with raffle regulations across numerous states using our system’s raffle page & ticket templates.  You’ll never leave out an important piece of information again.

So what are you waiting for?  Good Friday just around the corner.  Let’s get happening.

Contact us to get started.