Creating Content For Social Media

Social media is a great tool for marketing raffles but creating content that is fresh and engaging can be challenging.

If you continually post the same type of content people will become bored and might disengage with your Facebook page. If you need a little inspiration for keeping up with your social media content, we have some great content ideas for you below.


Discuss what the raffle fundraising will achieve

People feel good about donating to worthy causes so it’s important to remind them of yours! Keep these posts short and sweet by summing up what your raffle fundraising will achieve in one to three sentences. Post a few of these a week to reach a variety of people and keep your cause front of mind.


Plug prize donors

Thanking your prize donors through social media will help to advertise your prizes and create goodwill. If the donors have a social media account make sure you tag them. This will ensure they see your plug and increase the possibility of them reposting it, which in turn will ensure their followers also hear about your raffle.


Post photos of the committee and volunteers

Give your raffle a human face. If your fundraising committee does something fun share it with your audience. This will create a buzz around the raffle and encourage people to buy tickets. These image posts may include things like members collecting prizes from local businesses or creating prize hampers. Allowing your audience to connect with your raffle on a human level is a great way to keep them engaged.


Fundraising updates

Post about your fundraising milestones as you achieve them. For example, you may want to share when you reach $500, $1000, $2000 and onwards. In each fundraising update thank people for buying tickets and set a challenge to build on the amount raised. This will make people feel like they are involved in the fundraising effort and motivate them to support your cause.


Thank your volunteers

It’s important to show your volunteers some love. Giving them a shout out on social media is a great way to make them feel appreciated. When the raffle concludes create a post thanking them for all their hard work. If a particular individual has made a significant contribution like distributing posters or securing major prizes don’t be afraid to give them a special shout out along the way.


Create A Countdown

As your raffle nears its closing date, have a little fun with your content by creating a countdown to close. You might want to only flag key dates such as “only 7 days to go!”, “2 days to go” and finally “Our raffle closes today – this is your last chance to go in the draw to win our great prize!”


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