Corporate Fundraising

RaffleLink is an essential tool for corporate fundraisers looking to implement a wide reaching, yet easily managed fundraising campaign for their chosen charity.


How can an online raffle help with corporate fundraising?Fundraising Consultation - RaffleLink

• Use in conjunction with CEO / Corporate Team Challenge events
• Widen the reach of your fundraising – access ticket sales beyond your employees
• Boost fundraising at events such as a gala dinner, high tea, awards night, community event
• Attract new supporters to grow your chosen charity’s database (over 63% of RaffleLink ticket buys consent to being contacted again by the beneficiary)
• Raise funds 24/7 with next to no labour or additional time commitment
• Use social media to engage with more people and take immediate ticket sales (via our online portal)
• Use technology (such as QR codes and social media) to facilitate fundraising through your business partners (a retail outlet could display QR coded POS materials or share raffle promotion through their social platforms)



Why is RaffleLink the stress free and hassle free way to run a corporate fundraising raffle? Prize Sourcing Service - RaffleLink

• No need to pre-purchase, design & print raffle tickets
• Wider reaching promotion using social media
• No ticket distribution, ticket recovery & accountability woes
• No daily record keeping maintenance
• Free marketing tools and artwork
• No money collection, counting, reconciliation, safe storage or banking
• Push button draw, winner notification & reporting
• Less time/human resources required to organise and conduct your raffle
• 24/7 ticket sales monitoring
• 24/7 access for ticket purchasers
• Receipt cash sales at an event such as a morning tea or gala dinner

Prize Packages For Corporate Business

RaffleLink has a selection of ready-made prize packages that companies can choose from or individual prizes to supplement your donated prize pool if necessary.

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