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Raising funds for Black Dog Institute and Melanoma Patients Australia

Tickets are priced at $10 each, 2 tickets for $20, 5 tickets for $50, 10 tickets for $100, 15 tickets for $150, 20 tickets for $200, 25 tickets for $250


1st Prize valued at $7,000

Ride on Mower - Nutrien Ag

2nd Prize valued at $6,000

Customised Saddle by Walsh, Horse & Saddle, Brophy Trees & Herman Oak Leather

3rd Prize valued at $1,200

Blue Topaz & Diamond Pendent rom Tumut and Gundagai Jewellers

4th Prize valued at $1,300

doTERRA Oil Pack

5th Prize valued at $1,000

Australian Campdraft Magazine Package

6th Prize valued at $500

Willsallen Veterinary Services AI Package

7th Prize valued at $300

Rodan and Fields Voucher

8th Prize valued at $400

Prydes Easifeed Package 12 bags

9th Prize valued at $400

Prydes Easifeed Package 12 bags

10th Prize valued at $400

Prydes Easifeed Package 12 bags

11th Prize valued at $400

Prydes Easifeed Package 12 bags

12th Prize valued at $350

What2ware Tote Bag

13th Prize valued at $260

Pearls for Girls Pearls

14th Prize valued at $300

Intimo Lingerie Voucher

15th Prize valued at $495

Framed Photograph from Mollie Agostino

16th Prize valued at $280

Anthony Rennick Leather Whip

17th Prize valued at $445

Just Country Voucher

18th Prize valued at $350

Sam Fitchett Gaudie Framed Drawing

19th Prize valued at $350

Gift Basket from Virbac

20th Prize valued at $100

Katie B Voucher

21st Prize valued at $160

Easy On Rugs Combo

22nd Prize valued at $100

CAA Hats Gift Pack

23rd Prize valued at $500

Brett's Rural Services Holbrook Hay Voucher

24th Prize valued at $549

Walcha Vet Supplies - Scanpan Saucepans

Terms & Conditions

The Raffle commences on the 4th of January 2021, closes on the 6th of February 2021 and will be drawn on the 6th of February 2021 at ALEC Tamworth at 5pm. Details of the Winner(s) will be displayed at and State(s) where tickets are on sale NSW, NT, QLD, TAS, VIC. This raffle is being held for Classic Ladies Foundation Ltd PO Box 791, MOAMA, NSW, 2731. Permit/Licence for VIC 10007/21.

Persons under the age of 18 years are unable to enter.

The odds of winning the stated prizes based on the total possible ticket sales displayed are: 1st Prize 1/4000, 2nd Prize 1/3999, 3rd Prize 1/3998, 4th Prize 1/3997, 5th Prize 1/3996, 6th Prize 1/3995, 7th Prize 1/3994, 8th Prize 1/3993, 9th Prize 1/3992, 10th Prize 1/3991, 11th Prize 1/3990, 12th Prize 1/3989, 13th Prize 1/3988, 14th Prize 1/3987, 15th Prize 1/3986, 16th Prize 1/3985, 17th Prize 1/3984, 18th Prize 1/3983, 19th Prize 1/3982, 20th Prize 1/3981, 21st Prize 1/3980, 22nd Prize 1/3979, 23rd Prize 1/3978, 24th Prize 1/3977. Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash. Some images are display only and may not be a true reflection of the prize. This raffle is hosted for a service fee by RaffleLink a registered business of Lighthouse Group Pty Ltd ABN: 83161197860, PO Box 6758, Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122. Lighthouse Group Pty Ltd as RaffleLink is committed to selling raffle tickets responsibly to support community and charitable organisations.

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