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Fundraising Coordinator / HeartKids NSW

"HeartKids NSW engaged the Rafflelink platform to test the idea of an online raffle as a new fundraising stream. We found the system easy to use and cost-effective. We experimented with a range of methods to promote the raffle and found that the best outcome was achieved via our Facebook community and paid Facebook advertising targeted to the specific demographic, as well as FB ads directed at friends of those who 'like' our page. An EDM to our database was also well worthwhile. Overall, Rafflelink proved to be a very sensible fundraising option. "


Chairperson / Central Australian Education Foundation

"RaffleLink was the solution we had been looking for to take our fundraiser into the 21st century. Belinda was so helpful throughout the whole process and she was always available to answer our questions. The checklists and marketing material that RaffleLink provide ensured we were able to cover all our bases and promote our fundraiser in ways we otherwise wouldn't have thought of. All the systems associated with the raffle including setting up the webpage and purchasing tickets was clear and intuitive. We will definitely be considering RaffleLink for future fundraisers."

Sylvia DeAngelis

Community Progams & Event / City Community Tennis

"Using RaffleLink to look after the payments, receipts, sales report and purchaser database as well as the provision of marketing templates and other tools for our first fundraising raffle was invaluable! I would definitely recommend RaffleLink to any organisation running a raffle and especially those new to running a fundraising raffle or to those with small fundraising committees. The online payment process adds a level of professionalism to the raffle that makes it easier to promote and makes the whole process of running a raffle from A to Z extremely easy. Having online financial records is also very helpful for organisational governance as it reduces administrative effort and costs."


Marketing Director / Parkinsons NSW

"We've used RaffleLink for our end of year raffle and have been delighted with the results. The service is first class and the platform is really easy to use. We'll be using RaffleLink in the future. Thank you for the exceptional service Belinda and team."


CEO / Life's Little Treasures Foundation

We were thrilled with how easy it was to setup our Raffle with RaffleLink, as a small time poor team, it was wonderful. The system is easy to use and the customer support was great. Belinda was there on hand all the way to assist and was a great help. Would definitely recommend using RaffleLink to anyone looking for an easy, cost effective way to run a raffle and have all the work done for you.

Laurena Marzocca

Office Administrator / Leukaemia Foundation SA/NT

The Leukaemia Foundation found RaffleLink to be the most cost effective, efficient and user friendly raffle management system we have ever used. From the early stages with raffle permits through to advertising and promoting, and running a successful draw, Belinda’s constant advice and support was invaluable and ensured that we ran a very successful major campaign. We look forward to working with Belinda and RaffleLink again in the near future


Marketing and Fundraising Specialist / Learning Links

We have used RaffleLink for three consecutive raffles now and it is a fantastic service that makes the whole process of online ticket purchasing possible and easy. The step-by-step instructions and guides we receive are so helpful and all the extra information and ideas that are provided to assist in making our raffles a success have been invaluable. Belinda is great to work with, always on hand to help and very knowledgeable on how to run a successful raffle. We look forward to working with her again next year!

The benefits of conducting charity raffles online.

• Enable individuals to fundraise on your behalf
• Use in conjunction with Charity Travel Challenges or other CEO / Corporate Challenge events
• Team fundraising raffles available
• Boost fundraising at events such as gala dinners, community or sporting events
• Raise funds 24/7 with next to no volunteers
• Built-in social media sharing to engage & gather more followers
• Easy to facilitate fundraising through your business partners

Stress Free & Hassle Free Charity Raffles

“No” has never sound so good
• No need to pre-purchase, design and print raffle tickets
• No ticket distribution, ticket recovery and accountability woesFundraising Consultation - RaffleLink
• No daily record keeping maintenance
• No money collection, counting, reconciliation, safe storage or banking

• Less time/volunteers required to organise & conduct your raffle
• 24/7 ticket sales monitoring
• 24/7 access for ticket purchasers
• Wider reaching promotion using social media
• Free marketing tools and artwork
• Receipt cash sales at events such as a community day or gala ball
• Push button draw, winner notification & reporting



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