ACT Raffle Regulations – A Simple Guide

Like most states, in the ACT the value of your raffle prize pool will dictate whether your organisation will require a permit.

Is my Raffle an Exempt Lottery?

The good news is if your raffle proceeds will be used for charitable purposes and the total value of your prize pool does not exceed $2500 then a Permit Application is NOT required.  Other raffle regulations will still need to be adhered to, so check the Information & Conditions link below.

When is a Raffle Permit Required?

For a raffle prize pool over $2500, a Permit Application must be completed. The ACT permit fee is one of the most expensive, operating on a sliding scale which will vary depending on the total prize pool value.

To fast track you straight to the ACT raffle regulations & fees we’ve included this link – Application Fee Schedule and Information & Conditions

The ACT Gambling & Racing Commission takes approximately 7 working days to process an application.

The Commission has recently introduced an online application form which is all very well to expedite the process, but makes it a bit difficult to know what kind of information is required until you sit down to fill in the form.

With your Permit Application submission you are required to attach:-

  • Copy of ticket (if any individual prize exceeds $2,000)
  • Letter of authority from the non-profit organisation authorising agent to fundraise on their behalf (if using an agent – individual, business or third party fundraiser)
  • Letter of acknowledgement from beneficiary/non-profit organisation (authorising proceeds to go to beneficiary)
  • Terms and conditions of entry (optional)
Determining your Fundraising Target

Whether you require a permit or not, as in many Australian states the ACT raffle regulations place restrictions on the amount that you are able to fundraise via a raffle.

The total value of tickets sold (your fundraising target or potential gross proceeds) must not exceed:-

  • 5 times the total value of prizes where prizes are less than $10,000 (eg. $2500 prizes x 5 = $12,500 fundraising target)
  • 10 times the total value of prizes where prizes are equal to or greater than $10,000 (eg. $10,000 x 10 = $100,000 fundraising target)
Individuals Fundraising for Charity

These days it is quite popular for individuals or businesses to fundraise on behalf of a charity.  Often people join a team challenge where fundraising is required or a business fundraises as part of its social responsibility program.

An individual or a business may conduct a raffle on behalf of a charity with a Letter of Authority from the charity. If a permit is required, the individual/business is able to complete the permit application themselves. On the application, the “Promoter” is the non-profit organisation who will be receiving the funds and the “Agent” would be the individual or business.

A copy of the charity’s Letter of Authority & Letter of Acknowledgement will need to be included.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start fundraising!

What next?

To kick start your online raffle pronto, we’ll send through our Raffle Plan. Just say the word.

If you’re planning to sell tickets in other states

Every state has their own raffle regulations. Please Get in touch with RaffleLink to receive free tailor-made permit advice for your next raffle.

This government information was up-to-date at the time this blog was published. Always check with ACT Gambling & Racing Commission website for the latest forms & fees.