6 Popular Workplace Fundraising Ideas

Increasing it is more common for companies to align themselves with a charity partner possessing a similar ethos. Companies benefit from enhanced brand reputation and credibility, whereas the charity gains access to resources & funding.

Workplace fundraising ideas can differ according to the organisation’s culture, size and workforce demographic.

Consider these criteria when choosing a suitable fundraising idea for your workplace:-

• Easy to communicate & coordinate
• Engages & excites the workplace
• Allows for maximum participation
• Raises the most funds for the least amount of effort

Below are 6 popular workplace fundraising ideas to help raise funds for your chosen charity.

Simply gold coin donation days such as a dress down/mufti day, morning tea or donate your coffee money are popular because they are easy to get off the ground and communicate, usually receive good participation and will generate moderate funds.

Selling goods such as chocolates, books, gift cards, badges/ribbons etc requires a great deal of management to maintain inventory & sales records and collect & bank money. This option is very labour intensive for participants and coordinators alike.

Enter a corporate team in a sporting event such as a marathon or walk-a-thon requires great coordination & communication and as a niche event may only appeal to a small number of staff. Participants will rely on friends & families for donations of support.

Hold an event such as a High Tea or Gala Ball involves a great amount of planning and possibly hiring a professional event coordinator. Ticket price may limit attendance, however the event can be open to people outside of the organisation. There is potential to raise additional fund through silent auction or raffles on the evening.

Corporate travel challenges are gaining in popularity as a team building exercise with a conscience. Participating staff must fundraise a nominal amount for their chosen charity before embarking on a group travel itinerary that usually involves a component of volunteer work in the destination country. Usually coordinated by third party, but only allows for limited numbers to participate.

An online raffle allows easy ticket purchase by employees of a large organisation that may operate across several states. Can be managed by a third party and easily communicated through social media to reach a buying audience beyond the companies employees. Online raffles are also ideal for corporate travel challenge fundraising.

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